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Astrological Insights for April & May

11 Apr, 2020
It is incredibly profound the absolute polarity we are experiencing at this time. What we are expected to do vs. what we are actually accomplishing as a collective right now seem at odds. The season of Wood is supposed to be a time of growth and freshening. When here we are, fermenting in self-quarantine instead. However, do not take this time for granted as the value of fermentation should not be overlooked. For it is our bacterial friends that can happily assist us in these trying and uncertain times. With the current focus on the pandemic and how we might be able to defeat it, one of the most important things is assisting our immune systems in very specific ways.
Astrological Insights for April & May

Reflections from John Tone Rosen

Vitamin absorption and assimilation is important. If you can, eat a little bit of fermented vegetables or probiotics daily to assist the small intestine in absorbing your vitamins. See if you can find or make your own kale kraut! Cruciferous veggies like kale and collard greens are loaded with so many of the essential nutrients that we need in our diet to defeat this pandemic. Review the supplements you take to ensure that you are assimilating them and boosting your immune function. A, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K2 and Magnesium may be helpful. There are also many fine immune boosting products that you can find at your local herb store.

Now, you might expect a small intestine point to be recommended to assist the small intestine in doing its job. I did as I was researching for this article! However, I would draw attention to ST 36 Leg Three Miles for its amazing ability to assist our immune system and aid the body in full digestion and assimilation. This point is also part of Donna’s excellent treatment that she shared with us in the last newsletter here. Please review and use this treatment for loved ones and self in this difficult, yet powerful time for transformation and evolution.

Now, Onto a Little Astrology eh?

By the beginning of April, we have Mars the young and brash idealist, conjunct the judicious and experienced Saturn within the first degree of the revolutionary Aquarius. This is a time to stand up for what we know is true. Revolution is available to those who choose it. And parallel to the cultured veggies I mentioned earlier, we the people have the power to overcome those who would divide and subjugate us. Know thyself and center through the Yang Wei Mai by opening SJ 5 Outer Gate with Saturn and balance GB 41 Near to Tears with Neptune. This is a Tritone of Truth and Empowerment.

Then, bring purpose and intention to action opening SJ 5 with Mars and balance GB 41 with Mercury. There is balance found through the commitment to movement.

Now also is an important evolutionary step in the year’s long quest of Jupiter crossing the stifling Capricorn. Meeting with his brother Pluto, they discuss things like “how are we going to pay for it? How can we afford not to?” or “If we let all the humans die, who will worship us?” This is simply Jupiter coaxing Pluto in a way that the lord of death understands. The antidote to the Anger of the liver is expanded compassion of the heart. Although the bickering of Jupiter and Pluto will go on through January of next year, I still recommend utilizing this time for positivity and demanding a higher valuation of humanity.

A powerful pairing of LF Venus and MF Jupiter 6th upon REN 17, Chest Center may be just the ticket for expanding our hearts. Concurrent usage upon SJ5 Outer Pass could also be useful in reminding us to be compassionate with others.

And to release that liver anger in a constructive way (Because who isn’t angry right now?) consider using MF Jupiter on LIV 3 and MF Venus on KID 1. Drastic times call for drastic actions. But we can still act with grace and purpose amidst the chaos.

Jupiter, Pluto and Venus tones would also be well used in meditation and prayer; plying Pluto to have mercy upon us and release some of his riches to preserve the living. For without future generations, even the dead will be in short supply for the keeper of souls.

Mercury the shining boy wonder crossed into the underworld and back at the end of 2019, and I believe he knows how to defeat the Virus. At the beginning of April freshly out of the shadow of his retrograde period, he conspires briefly with his patron Neptune in the depths of Pisces the unfathomable. While there he will sow the seeds of solution and soak them with healing waters. Mercury and Neptune together are a great opening 5th to treat LIV 14 Cycle Gate and LU 1 Middle Palace.

Then, by mid-April Mercury emerges from the shadows into the sign of Aries. We can only hope for some good news at this point especially after he joins his teacher Chiron on April 15th. Perhaps they will discuss an antidote to the poison that is injuring so many? Mercury and Chiron both rule the torso, and interestingly they meet just as Chiron’s long standing square of the lunar nodes ends, signifying an easement upon the Dai Mai and also releasing strain within the liver.

The Chiron mythos shines brightly in this season of Wood. And he keeps coming up for me as being of great value to the consciousness of our people. He is a teacher, healer and a warrior. And he represents our connection to nature.

How we interface with nature is a tricky thing. Being conscious and having a sense of individuation also brings a sense of separateness from nature. This whole event has to re-initiate our perceived relationship with our planet and each other. And really Chiron represents our relationship just as much with ourselves as with the Other.

To be a Champion of Love like Chiron, one must embody the Warrior and the Healer archetypes. We must be bold and vigilant as Warriors and yet compassionate and skillful as Healers to vanquish disease.

It is a poignant time to commune with the nature spirits now by pairing Chiron and Venus upon the 4 gates LI4 Joining Valley and LIV3 Great Rushing. This is neither an opening nor clearing. The tritone created by these two planetary essences is a seal of trust, beauty, wisdom and love! This is a promise to bring balance and healing to ourselves, each other and the world! Call in self-awareness, self-respect, self-love & self-empowerment with these 4 seals. For as we fully understand ourselves, we can more clearly see our relationship to the cosmos.

Look at this beautiful photo of Mother Gaia. Her rocks are like skin, the trees Her hair, the ocean Her eye. She is present.

Through this vantage, I have a vision of the Earth as a great living being. And that the imbalance that we are causing upon and within her is creating this reaction we are living through now.

From the middle of April through the end of May an important shift will occur. There will now be a stronger potential for deep healing and the renewal of hope and joy. And though this may seem impossible now, we will find a way to bring our joy with us as we fight the good fight and care for ourselves and each other.

So often these days I am reminded of the conversation between Frodo and Gandalf in the Fellowship of the Ring. Frodo realizes the full weight of the burden that he must now carry:

Frodo: I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.
Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

I too would much rather eat, drink and be merry while enjoying Gandalf's fireworks right now. But I/we have to somehow find a way to the heart of the enemy and cast the Ring into the Fire first! Remember that the Sun our solar tools relates to gold and consider that the solar corona is a profound ring with power to improve immune health.

Treating the lungs at this time when our very breath is being threatened is an amazing parallel to the world of men. Have you seen how drastically and beautifully the emissions around the globe reduced when all humans have to shelter at home? It’s almost as if the Earth Herself needed a breath of fresh air and is now receiving it!

Bring MF Uranus and HF Sun to LU 3 Palace of Heaven to clear the lungs of any stagnant sorrow and outdated information. Breathe the free air! Can you imagine a world where all of the elements are as clean and unpolluted as the air is right now? Yes!

Now refill and enlighten with MF Sun and MF Venus on LU 9, Supreme Abyss to enhance our ability to stoke the inner fires and stay positive even in the face of grave danger!

Blessings and So Much Aloha to Us All!

And as always, please reach out with any further discussion on the topics above or any inspiration or adjustments that you may have while considering some of these treatment ideas.

Mahalo ~ Tone

Tone lives with his wife, daughters and cats near Denver, Colorado. He loves warm hugs and wants to bring them back into fashion just like unicorn onesies!